Why Your Event Needs Intelligence

Event marketing is an extension of your content marketing. That’s the backbone to a really successful event” — Stefanie Grieser

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This is the era of progress, and advancement. We are leveraging the knowledge we have gained through decades of research, and using these to build new applications. There are new breakthroughs everyday, new technology and new use cases for existing technologies — and the only way we can spread the seeds of knowledge is through media, meetups and events, where both the audience and the presenters can interact with each other.

India is a hotbed for startups, in every possible sector. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India has already established its rank as the top destination to start-up in the country. The fact that it has well established big players that help incubate, accelerate and fund startups, makes it one of the most favored destinations for entrepreneurs. Naturally, the co-working spaces as well as many other corporations that cater to this sector organize regular meetups, events as well as workshops. Well, any event (meetups/pitch events/workshops) has three levels of execution, and all three play a major role in the success of the event:

  1. Pre-Event Reachout
  2. During-Event Interaction
  3. Post-Event Feedback and Analysis

Social media has given the organizers what they exactly need to spread the word out about their events. By using social media to reach the target audience, the organizers effectively address the first step of event execution — the pre-event reachout. However, a single software that can handle RSVPs for an event, reach out to the target audience, while also spreading the word about the event to founders-only network, not only creates the required buzz but also generates leads and improves sales for the organizers. After all, the main motivation behind every successful event is generation of leads, leading up to improved sales.

Generally, the pre-event reachout is first and last step that organizers take to gain maximum traction. However, according to statistics, a good marketing campaign and making enough voice for a future event may get a good number of turnouts. But what about audience engagement ? Attending an event just like it is a prolonged college lecture, literally bores the audience. Let us face it: Events have always been a one sided affair — the presenters talk, the audience listen. What are the odds that a bored person from the audience will pay to attend the next event of the same organizer ? Yes, audience interaction is important ! In order to get those repeat customers (audience) and build a strong network of loyal, paying customers, audience retention is important !

So how do we do it ? Simple: An interconnected network where both the presenters as well as the audience connect, discuss and share the knowledge. You cannot clap using a single hand. Yes, both way communication is the need of the hour to keep the audience engaged !

Now coming to the final and most important part of an event — the post event feedback and analysis. There is not an iota of doubt that this is the part where the organizers should concentrate the most. But, usually the reverse happens. Generally, event organizers overlook this part — and address it as an unnecessary documentation. However, anyone who has been in its industry for a long time, will definitely focus on this part the most. Analysis of an event, gathering the feedback from the audience and curating the audience views to generate a crisp result of the entire event not only lets the organizers know about the strong points, but also let them know where they lag and the areas they need to concentrate on.

Summarizing, the need of the hour is an efficient and intelligent event management and audience engagement solution that takes care of pre-event shutouts, during-events interaction and post-event follow up. We, at Crowd Product, have built a seamless, simple and intelligent platform to manage everything you need for your events. Our platform lets the organizers -

  1. Perform Pre-Event shoutouts by creating event registration link, add presenters and sessions, enable sharing via social media and add engegement parameters. These enables a smooth RSVP for all events
  2. During-Event Interactions, where the organizers can share live link with the attendees, audience rate, connect and interact with the presenters, a revolutionary ‘ticker’ option where the audience share real time feedback and one-click social media sharing option.
  3. Post Event follow up is done by generating a crisp and detailed report of the entire event, curating and making sense of audience ratings and feedback, assessing quality of engagement, media outreach and curated tips for improving the events in the long run.

Contact us, for a free demo ! The times are changing ! Embrace the new and grow your organization !

Drop us a mail at — pitch@crowdproduct.com

Shibangsh Chowdhury

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