The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) hosted “The First 6 Months” where various start-ups shared their stories, insights, experiences and the problems faced by them in the first six months of their start-up journey. There were nine start-ups that pitched to the crowd of investors, entrepreneurs and even students. The event took place at Divyashree Chambers, Bangalore. Crowd Product performed a thorough analysis of the event and coupled it with insights from the audience to come up with a detailed report.

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CEO of Crowd Product: Vinay Dora

The event kicked off at 4:30 pm, where the founders of different start-ups took the center stage. “We present you a unique tracking and control system for your bikes, to make your two wheeler smart and connected”, said the founder of RevOS. A truly innovative product, RevOS set the bar up high for the ones to follow. Investors in the crowd enquired about the pricing and security features of the product.

Streamingo, an AI startup in the video editing space, “enriches viewing experience of the end user”. It had arguably the most talented team among all the startups that pitched at the event, with tech talent from IITs and IISc having years of experience. Both RevOS and Streamingo impressed the crowd with their innovative products. According to Crowd Product’s audience engagement report, each of these start-ups had a scaled score of above 14.5 out of 20, the highest among the lot.

LoanGini offered an exciting product in the area of FinTech. The startup is working on P2P lending model, which is comparatively a new concept in the Indian market. Both of its co-founders are degree holders from the Ivy Leagues — Stanford and Wharton, with a long stint in the financial sector. The audience felt that the market opportunity is huge, but what troubled investors is the current government policies on P2P funding.

Sautra and TheWorkLabel are targeting the e-commerce space for fashion. While Sautra is working to revive the age old weaving techniques of the previous generation, TheWorkLabel is focused on designing workwear for the professional woman. Both of these have their own manufacturing units and are looking to scale up their operations. Crowd Product report suggests that the audience feels that this market place is saturated, but Sautra can make good revenues as it’s targeting a niche sector.

Yogajal, 360SalesLeader, JustFence too had appealing products. 360SalesLeader is looking to tap into the start-up culture itself, and build its business around providing marketing and scaling solutions for startups. Yogajal has come up with a home-made recipe for a healthy drink. JustFence is an e-commerce platform for fencing solutions.

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The founders of certain start-ups.

The discussion was knowledgeable and experience was shared. The most important part was the networking among the founders, investors and the general start up community. Overall, it was a good learning experience for the startup community and all the participants!

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Audience listening to their struggles

-By Srividya B and Shibangsh.

Audience engagement and experiences redefined.

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