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The final debate of the US Presidential elections witnessed a few interesting remarks by both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. From the outset, it seems as though both candidates have put their best foot forward. Although some of the remarks were indeed personal, the debate concluded with voters gaining much insight into what their leaders can indeed do for them.

Recently, the Center for Policy Research and Development conducted a talk with former Indian diplomat, Mr. TT Sreenivasan, on the ongoing elections and what kind of an impact this would have on not just the United States, but India as an ally too.

Here are a few highlights of what he spoke:

1. Trump and Biden’s first debate was reminiscent of the first debate between Trump and Hilary four years ago.

2. Hilary was up 20 points in the primary, but Trump managed to win the election.

3. President Trump isn’t standing as a candidate from the Republican party anymore. Rather he’s standing as a candidate with four years of presidential experience.

4. President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have made a mess of containing the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is their Waterloo.

5. Donald Trump’s use of Tweets for updates on the policy has backfired miserably.

6. Trump’s impeachment hearing could adversely affect his standing in the upcoming elections.

The video was hosted end to end on the Crowd Product solution with audiences from various walks of life tuning in and engaging with the content available.

Watch the full video here:

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