60+ Student Projects Presented at Open Day at Global Academy of Technology

Students from all branches of engineering took part in the event

Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.” — Tim Ferris.

Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore hosted the Open Day on the 11th of November, 2017. It saw participation from over 100 students of the college in various events — project exhibition, poster designing, puzzle solving and even photography. The talent exhibited in the event won the praises of all the jury members — which consisted of 13 distinguished members from various fields.

Project Exhibition stalls

The event kicked off at sharp 10 AM, starting with the Project Exhibition. Over 50 students showcased their talents in various fields of engineering ranging from electronics, computer science to civil and mechanical. They solved several problems which are experienced in day to day life. Among the several projects, the most notable ones were: A quadcopter, DNA structured bridge design, GSM based automated irrigation module, smart dustbin and voice controlled smart home automation. The jury was really impressed with the idea behind the GSM based irrigation module, and how it was implemented on a miniature scale. Even the DNA structured bridge design was praised by the jury. The specialty about the design was that it did not require any sort of extra support to hold its own weight.

DNA Structured Bridge

The jury — which consisted of reputed academicians as well as industry leaders — including Dr. Amaresh Chakrabarti, Senior Professor at IISc Bangalore; Mr. Vinod Chippalkatti, Vice President, Centum Electronics Limited, Bangalore and former scientist at ISRO; Mr. Vinay Dora, Founder and CEO at Crowd Product; Mr. Vijetha Shastry, Consultant — Partnerships and Outreach at BHIVE Workspace, praised the students’ hard work and dedication. They also gave valuable tips to the budding entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The audience, presenters as well the jury interacted with each other using the Crowd Product solution. The audience rated each presenter and the jury provided tips and feedback using the solution.

GSM Based Irrigation Module

Poster designing and photography competition also saw a good number of participation from the students, showcasing amazing talent. The creativity of the students were clearly visible in the posters and photographs exhibited at the event.

Dr. Geetha Prakash, Director of Industry Institute Interaction Cell, Global Academy of Technology and Dr. N Rana Pratap Reddy, Principal, Global Academy of Technology needs special mention and appreciation for providing such a wonderful platform to the students for showcasing their talents. The event wouldn’t have been possible without their sincere efforts.

Jury interacting with the students

Few key takeaways from the event –

  • Real learning happens outside the classroom
  • Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge
  • Talent is plenty, all it needs is a platform and the right opportunity
  • Students are motivated to perform their best when they participate in something they love
  • The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are shaped and molded when such opportunities are presented to them.

To see the projects presented by the students of Global Academy of Technology and to provide feedback to each of the projects, click here

By Shibangsh Chowdhury, student at Global Academy of Technology and Intern at Crowd Product

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