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Previous winners of the competetion

“Ideas shape the course of history” — John Maynard Keynes. It is the simple ideas that bring about change in the world. These simple ideas, when supported by action and opportunity, can grow wings and touch the sky !

NEXT Big Idea was organized by Thought Factory, Domlur, Bangalore on the 3rd of August 2017. It seeks to discover India’s 5 most innovative technology companies who are looking to leverage a soft-landing opportunity to expand to North America. The contest is a “Market Access Program”, whereby the winners get to incubate their company in Canada for a two week all-expense paid program. The visiting entrepreneurs receive mentorship, business development advice, the customer connects, investors access and valuable international experience. It is through this opportunity that startups can scale globally and make their mark upon the world.

Canada, presently is one of the best places to incubate technological startups. It is a world leader in science, technology and innovation, and is recognized as one of the most innovative and competitive economies in the world. The key points in this aspect are

  1. Canada generates over 4% of global knowledge, despite accounting for just .5% of the world’s population.
  2. Canada’s performance is consistently strong in measures related to the quality of education, market regulation, and social factors.
  3. Since 2006, over $9 billion in support of science, technology, and the growth of innovative firms — fostering a world-class research and innovation system that supports Canadian businesses and economic growth.

Launching this year, an elite panel adjudicating the applications received under Zone Startups India’s annual Next BIG Idea Contest, will select one winner to be felicitated with the Aditya Jha Entrepreneur India Award. The Aditya Jha Entrepreneur India Award recognizes and celebrates the country’s most exceptional entrepreneurs who have moved us all with their innovative & impactful ideas translated into technology driven businesses. The award will be presented by Mr. Aditya Jha himself, a philanthropist & serial entrepreneur & winner will receive a Grant of INR Rs. 5 Lakhs during Next Big Idea Winner announcement event amidst a gathering of India’s leading entrepreneurs, industry and media.

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Winners with prize money

The past winners of this competition include Algo Engines, Light Metrics, Data Resolve, Senseforth and Neuron among others. The promise of the West, its vast technological talent and resources, funding and mentoring has driven this contest to be far more competitive compared to previous years. If you run a tech startup, and looking to scale internationally, this is place to be — the place to let your ideas take shape, the place to give wings to your aspirations, the place to get a solid foothold before making that big leap !

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

Audience engagement and experiences redefined.

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