Machine solving plastic bottle wastes wins 1st Crowd Pitch at Global Academy of Technology

The First College Crowd Pitch of the series had — An Amazing Response!

Doing the impossible is what entrepreneurship is all about” — Travis Kalanick, Ex-CEO and Cofounder, Uber

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The packed auditorium at Global Academy of Technology

Crowd Product, in association with the Industry Institute Interaction Cell of Global Academy Of Technology, Bangalore organized the first ever college crowd pitch on the 22nd of September, 2017. The event saw a participation of 11 students pitching their ideas to an auditorium full of energetic, young and motivated attendees. The jury consisted of Abhijith Raghunathan, Head of Business Development at Crowd Product; Roshan Kate, Executive, Membership and Mentoring at TiE Bangalore; and Vijetha Shastry, Community Manager at BHIVE Workspace.

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Vijetha Shastry, one of the dignitaries giving a small speech

Ideas and business plans on a variety of fields were presented by the students at the event. Use of Internet of Things in Agriculture sector, solving complex problems in the healthcare space, and even the idea of an ice cream delivery truck were pitched at the event by the students. The audience interacted, rated and provided constructive feedback to the presenters using the Crowd Product Solution.

The presenters had to present their ideas to the audience in a specified format. They had exactly four minutes to talk about their ideas. The first minute was dedicated to explain the problem that was being solved, the next minute was utilized to talk about the approach taken by the presenter to solve that particular problem. In the third minute, the presenter should discuss their revenue stream with the audience and jury members. The last minute was dedicated to explain the audience and the jury members why the presenter and his team are the best person for the job. This was followed by a minute of question and answering round by the jury members as well as the audience.

Shiva Prasad HM, who pitched his idea of a machine that can tackle non biodegradable wastes like plastic bottles won all the praises from the jury members as well as the audience. He was the highest rated presenter, and was declared the winner of the crowd pitch event. The pitch event was followed by a panel discussion by the jury members where they talked about the startup space in India. They also took questions from the audience on a variety of topics ranging from financing startups, giving the perfect pitch to how to choose investors wisely.

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The organizing core team, along with the dignitaries

The Principle of Global Academy of Technology, Mr. N Rana Pratap Reddy as well as Dr. Geetha Prakash, Director of Industry Institute Interaction Cell of Global Academy of Technology, deserve a special acknowledgement from Crowd Product, The Indus Entrepreneurs(TiE) and BHIVE Workspace, for giving the students the much needed exposure on startups and pitching. More such events would not only boost the students’ confidence, but also encourage more number of college graduates to take up entrepreneurship.

Few key takeaways from the event:

  • Considering the enthusiasm, there needs to be more such pitching events at colleges across India.
  • Students are genuinely interested in finding simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Real learning and engagement happens through interaction and networking, outside the classroom.
  • Opportunities such as these open up the doors for many talented students to pursue their dreams of establishing a successful business.
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The winner of the pitch event — Shiva Prasad HM

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

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