Industrial IoT — The future demystified

The IoT is being called the fourth industrial revolution and is expected to have a value of over $10 trillion by 2025.” — McKinsey

Headstart organized it’s Startup Saturday event on “Understanding the Industrial IoT: The Game Changing Technology” at SAP Labs, Bangalore. The event saw a turnout of more than 200 people as audience, most of them entrepreneurs or techies. The major attraction was the presenters at the event: Mr. Sudeendra Koushik, Chief Innovator at Prasu, Mr. Uday Birje, Co-Founder and Director at ThinkStreet Technologies among others.

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The event started at exactly 9:15 AM. Mr. Sudeendra Koushik enlightened the audience on the several use cases of the Industrial Internet of Things and its various applications. By using simple schematics and easy to understand terms, even newbies and amateurs had a clear understanding of the upcoming trends in the technology. He weaved the complexities of the underlying technology with simple, everyday objects to give a clear picture.

Mr. Uday Birje was the next presenter. He threw light on some of the use cases of the Industrial Internet of Things. What caught the audiences’ attention was the fact that a passenger jet consists of parts imported from over 27 countries worldwide, and then assembled. IIoT does a fantastic job in hiding the complexities of a system.

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These sessions were followed by a networking break, and then a panel discussion on “Intricacies of creating and deploying a successful IIoT Solution”. One of the most important topic to be discussed at the event was the impact Industrial IoT and its applications will have on the job scenario. The presenters argued that people can be re skilled to work on different demanding sectors. The audience used the Crowd Product Solution to interact with the presenters as well as other members of the audience. Information was shared and connect requests were sent. To know about the sharings: click here.

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The key event takeaways were-

  1. Industrial IoT provides more use use cases and opportunities than consumer IoT.
  2. This niche market is predicted to reach a few trillion dollars by the next decade.
  3. Automating the work of complex machinery not only increases the efficiency of manufacturing plants, but also gets rid of human error.
  4. Industrial IoT, driven by machine to machine (M2M) communication will literally lead to zero human intervention.
  5. The interconnected web of machines will make sure that all the required work is done in time, without fail.
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Startup Saturday is held on every Saturday across India, organized by Headstart. Every Saturday it focuses on a trending topic to spread the knowledge among the youth. Crowd Product is the analytics partner of Headstart.

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

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