How to sell, 2017 edition !

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.” — Peter Drucker

A good business takes care of its customers by constantly innovating and bring in eye catching marketing campaigns. The art of marketing is a branch on its own, which is mastered by using minimalist techniques to catch the customer’s attention for a prolonged period. This creates a perception about the product, on the minds of the customer.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore hosted the Mad over Marketing workshop, aimed at marketing students and professionals. The aim of the workshop was to inculcate a habit of using minimalist techniques to catch the customer’s attention. It discussed about the current trends in advertising and how organizations are using innovative techniques based on the trends.

The two major trends in the field of advertising currently are minimal marketing and ambush marketing.

Minimal Marketing -

Minimal marketing is simple, with no extra descriptions. It uses daily life scenarios, to which customers can relate to. Most of the minimalist advertisement campaigns come with a sense of humor. As the customers relate to it easily, it forms a perception in the minds of the customer for a long term. It is very effective, simple and a fun way to interact with the customers.

  • Brands either interact with other brands — content collaboration — or take advantage of any occasion or event to execute minimalist marketing techniques.
  • Collaboration is a win-win situation for the brands involved, it serves the purpose for multiple brands at a time.
  • It’s usually done using either social media platforms — such as Twitter, or print media.

Ambush Marketing -

The second and more intense form of advertising is ambush marketing. Brands often go in an all-out war to win over the customers to their sides. This may include taunting the advertising campaigns of other brands by using humorous jokes

  • A classic example of this can be sighted as the Big Billion Day announcement by Flipkart on 2014. It ran front page advertisements on leading English daily newspapers, reporting its low priced products for that particular day. Snapdeal, another E-commerce giant, ran second page advertisements telling customers that it doesn’t need special days to offer big discounts to customers. The brand war was indeed humorous.
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Flipkart vs Snapdeal
  • Another example which can be sighted is the ever on-going brand war between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Lots of instances have been there where one of these brands takes a humorous dig at the other brand, which responds with even more sarcastically.
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Pepsi vs Coca Cola

The times are changing. Customer mindsets are changing and attention span of people are at an all-time low, thanks to social media platforms. Brands are leveraging this to promote their products in the international market. Every day, these brands are harnessing the power of advertising to lure customers to their side. The techniques which were used a decade ago, no longer seem to be working today. Innovation is the need of the hour, be it with products or marketing !

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

Audience engagement and experiences redefined.

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