Deep Tech — Drafting the Future

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” — Edward Teller.

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The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) hosted the deep tech pitch event at the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Bangalore. It saw participation from startups focused on artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented/mixed reality and machine learning. These are the very technologies that will drive tomorrow’s growth and consumer demands.

7 deep tech startups pitched at the event, followed by a panel discussion. The audience mostly comprised of investors, amateurs and professionals in the deep tech domain. TiE has always been instrumental in spreading the seeds of knowledge and networking in the startup space, and the same was carried out even today.

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Here are the startups that pitched at the event —

  1. Scapic — Scapic lets the user build virtual and augmented reality experiences instantly with the help of immersive software. It is currently in Beta phase. The USP of this startup is that it provides web based editor to create VR and AR experiences, which can be accessed from any device, irrespective of the platform.
  2. — provides a revolutionary artificial intelligence based software to take care of all business needs. Clutch.AI Machine Learning Platform enables users to import data from their servers, run Exploratory Data Analysis, develop, & deploy Machine Learning Models easier than ever before. It makes it easy to add intelligent decision making into any web or mobile application.
  3. Fabrik — Fabrik is a plug-and-play software platform that allows users to build immersive virtual environments for work or fun.
  4. Mashinga — Mashinga is an “intelligent meeting assistant”. The startup claims that its software can coordinate meetings, converse and collaborate locally and remotely, and track meeting outcomes. It has also launched it’s app in Google Play Store.
  5. Marax AI — Marax provides an articial intelligence based software that can increase user retention for different corporate services. It can also create report addressing what actions can retain the user for a longer time.
  6. Relatas — Relatas is Sales AI to help B2B Sales Professionals. It can generate leads for sales professionals, focuses on time critical activities that can help business grow and provides real time data to retain customers.
  7. Giscle — Giscle combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality to carve out a state of the art advanced automation on the roads of India.

The pitching event was followed by a panel discussion on ‘ How We are Pushing the Frontiers of AI — Faster, Smarter, Better’. The speakers highlighted AI business strategies and technical know-how to help business leaders, entrepreneurs and engineers successfully implement their AI projects.

The audience interacted with the presenters using the Crowd Product Event Engagement Solution. The interactions can be found here. According to the audience, the best startups overall, to present at the event were (27.7/35), closely followed by Scapic (26.4/35).

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On a poll asking the audience about what type of events excites them, almost 40% of the audience replied that they are most interested in workshops, followed by pitching events(30%), community meetups(20%) and last but not the least, hackathons(10%). Such audience opinion help the organizers decide the future course of events and leverage the participation and interaction level better.

The key takeaways from the deep tech events are -

  1. Deep tech startups are leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create scalable and state of the art software and hardware to drive innovations.
  2. It is only a matter of time before deep tech products become mainstream to make our lives easier and more productive.
  3. Innovations in these fields are often bottle-necked by the unavailability of talents and general consumer awareness.
  4. As adoption increases and corporates realize the potential of such technology, the deep tech community will command every sphere of our lives.

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

Audience engagement and experiences redefined.

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