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The attendees, host and organizer of Community Meetup

Your network is your net worth” — Porter Gale.

Networking is one of the most important assets one can have in today’s world. It is through bonding with people sharing common goals and valuable skillsets, that you can grow yourself and your business. Community meetups bring together a lot of experienced people from different domains, where they share their knowledge and guide each other.

The CFK-Bangalore Meet-Up: FB group Admins and Community Building was organized at BHIVE Co working Space in Bangalore on 8th July, 2017. Having conducted successful meetups at Delhi and another one previously in Bangalore, “Community Folks” was looking forward to yet another successful meetup of likeminded folks. Pranidhi Puri, Social Media Associate at BHIVE Workspace, took the responsibility of organizing the event and ensured that it was carried out smoothly.

The main agenda of the meetup was to discuss the principle thought process behind starting a Facebook group and how to scale up the operations of the group. Eminent digital marketing consultants and owner/operator of a few famous Facebook groups were present at the meetup. The admin of “Put me in touch” Facebook group, which has more than 1,12,000 members, was one of the members. He shared valuable insights on various aspects of starting and growing a Facebook group. He explained the strategies used behind moderating the group, tools and metrics to measure the group success.

The meetup was coordinated by Paras Pundir, Community Manager, and social cause enthusiast. Having a lot of experience in steering such events in the right direction, he made sure that there was a steady flow of information in the group.

The meetup was not only attended by community enthusiast, but also final year engineering students from Tamil Nadu. The group of students came down to Bangalore to have a firsthand experience of the startup ecosystem. Anil, a final year Electronics and Communication Engineering student, pointed out, “Tamil Nadu doesn’t provide all the amenities like Bangalore does. I am an avid user of social media and have got valuable insights on how to manage Facebook groups and pages.” Indeed, it was a learning experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

The meetup was followed by a lunch, where business cards were exchanged and people personally greeted and conversed with others. Community building and networking, are not different, but same thing!

By Shibangsh Chowdhury

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