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The final debate of the US Presidential elections witnessed a few interesting remarks by both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. From the outset, it seems as though both candidates have put their best foot forward. Although some of the remarks were indeed personal, the debate concluded with voters gaining much insight into what their leaders can indeed do for them.

Recently, the Center for Policy Research and Development conducted a talk with former Indian diplomat, Mr. …

August the 3rd since 2018 has been christened as ‘Football Delhi’ day, something that witnesses personalities not just across India but the world come forth to posit their ideas and thoughts around Indian football.

However, this time around, there was an additional layer with the topic being chosen by Football Delhi President Shaji Prabhakaran — ‘How to make Delhi a vibrant Football city’. …

Let’s face it, the year 2020 is simply not going to have many opportunities for offline activation. Of course, a few aspects of offline and BTL marketing are expected to improve in the coming months. But what does this mean for brands who are looking at engaging their audiences? Well, simply put, this would essentially mean moving your activation online because time does not wait for the Covid pandemic to end.

So, if you are a brand looking at moving your activation online, here is how you can do it:

1. Simply moving the event online

This point seems easier…

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The restart of the English Premier League has had its fair share of talking points. Of course, there has been the impact of the Corona virus Pandemic that has rendered teams across Europe and the rest of the world to play matches behind closed doors. The impact of this was indeed felt by Liverpool who now face the prospect of lifting the Premier League title behind closed doors.

While the world watches and plans to continue watching matches on the telly, we at Crowd Product have begun to move ahead with the times. …

The #SupportIndianFootball Campaign Story

Since Indian Football’s inspirational leader, Sunil Chhetri’s call for crowds to visit stadiums and support Indian Football more vociferously, we felt why not leverage our deep understanding of engagement tools and understanding of audiences to contribute to this Footballing movement. Our first Football crowd engagement activities began during the FIFA World Cup 2018 — at live-screenings across F&B locations like BigPitcher microbrewery and Chili’s American Grill & Bar as well as at corporate offices in EGL and the RMZ EcoWorld corporate park in Bangalore. We facilitated fun quizzes and contests like Predict2Win, with incentives like gym passes, free beer and…

2018 was a pretty eventful year at CrowdProduct. From working with Vodafone, OnePlus, Engaging fans at Football matches, we did it all.

Here’s an overview of what we achieved in the year 2018.

1) Vodafone IoT

Source: Vodafone

We promoted Vodafone’s IoT, Data Analytics and Mobile Offerings

The global brand realised the following objectives via workshops & sustaining their engagements:
✅Curated Audiences at Events across Bengaluru, Delhi NCR & Mumbai
✅Generated Tangible Leads & Interest Commitments for their Offerings
✅Based on Community Insights, Developed Latest Product — Super IOT

2. OnePlus Student Ambassador Program and Hiring Engagements

Source: OnePlus

We helped OnePlus

We caught up with Vishesh Rajaram of Speciale Invest recently and gathered his insights about Space Technology opportunities, trends and how the domain is evolving rapidly.

Here is a brief Q&A format of our talk.

Q: Can you give a brief introduction about yourself & what is that you are trying to do in SpaceTech?

A: Speciale Invest is a US$ 20 million fund that’s run by my partner Arjun and myself. We have a deep inclination of backing up disruptive companies & we don’t shy away from risks.

I got introduced into SpaceTech by an ISRO scientist who said…

The 150th game for the captain of Bengaluru FC — Sunil Chhetri.

The ’’Chhetri’’ chants were reverberating in the stadium as the game started. But the game turned out to be a non-exciting exhibition between both the teams.

To everyone’s surprise, Bengaluru didn’t have their usual dynamic persona on the field. Many mistakes were made by both the teams and the field was set for many scoring opportunities but none of them was converted in the first half.

Fans hoped the second half would be more promising than the first but only to be disappointed. …

Bengaluru FC got their Monday motivation with a hint of luck to continue on their winning ways. BFC had the same squad as the two matches prior which gave them the same result, a win.

BFC’s first goal came in at the 17th minute from….. you guessed it, none other than Sunil Chhetri, which in turn was a result of a quick pass from Miku. The goal, however, had a hint of luck to it, as replays showed the Bengaluru skipper to be offside when he got the ball.

Kerala found their own good fortune when they were awarded a…

Check out the NASSCOM-Zinnov Indian Start-up Ecosystem Report

Crowd Product’s engagement solution were leveraged at the annual flagship NASSCOM Product Conclave. Be it Investor-Startup speed-dating, Corporate-Startup connect or the jury evaluation of 120+ Product Showcase startups - we added value in terms of ensuring efficiency to the evaluation process, enabling organizers engaging presenters with speed & scale, crowd sourcing learnings from & for the community and can do more.

The top Product Showcase startups: (Winner NPC Day 1)
Jivabhumi Agri Tech (Winner NPC Day 2)

You can find the other popular startups here. The results were announced in the…

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